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My Mum

I always thought she was mad at me.
I don't even know what for. 
She used to always want to change me. 

We've had our differences.
Ups and downs.

Now she changed.
Our conversations

'I work a lot, I don't have time to clean.'
'That's okay' she said. 'That's not the most important thing'

Who is that woman, I thought.

'I have a deadline next week and I have nothing'
'You can do this.' She says. 'I'm sure you can.'

What have you done to my Mum?

'I want to go abroad for summer internship'
'That's great, I'm proud of you.'

Are you really my Mum?

I was thinking that she changed. But maybe I have.

Thank you for always supporting me, and always cheering for me, and always being my biggest fan, even when I wasn't noticing it.
I love you.
— dobby
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